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2.04.080 Circulation of Petition.

City Code Section

(Added by Ordinance No. 177200, effective February 21, 2003.)

A. The Auditor shall certify the petition to one of the chief petitioners for circulation at the conclusion of the seventh business day after the ballot title is received from the City Attorney or immediately upon final adjudication as prescribed by the court, except a referendum petition which is found by the Auditor to satisfy the provisions of Section 2.04.050 may be circulated prior to the preparation of the ballot title.

B. The Auditor shall advise the chief petitioner in writing that the preparation of the ballot title by the City Attorney and certification of the petition by the Auditor does not certify that the proposed measure is a proper matter for the initiative or referendum process or that it is legal or free of legal defects.

C. Each copy of the petition which is circulated shall consist of a cover page including the ballot title and the text of the legislation being initiated or referred backed with the signature sheet. If the text of the legislation is too lengthy to fit on the cover sheet, each person obtaining signatures on the petition shall carry at least one full and correct copy of the measure to be initiated or referred and shall allow any person to review a copy upon request.

D. Each elector signing the petition shall do so by affixing the elector’s signature to the signature sheet. Space shall also be available on the signature sheet for the elector's, printed name, residence address, precinct number, and date of signing.

E. No signature sheet shall be circulated by more than one person. Each signature sheet shall contain a certification signed by the circulator that each elector who signed the sheet did so in the circulator’s presence and to the best of the circulator’s knowledge, each elector signing the sheet is a legal voter of the City and that compensation received by the circulator, if any, was not based on the number of signatures obtained for this petition.