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2.04.040 Submission of Measures to Voters.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 177200 and 184947, effective November 18, 2011.)

A.  Council Submission of Measures

1.  A measure may be submitted to the legal voters of the City by resolution of the Council.  No petition is required.

2.  An advisory question, measure or proposition may be submitted to the voters by resolution of the Council.  No petition is required.  The vote shall not enact the matter into law, preclude the Council from adopting an ordinance enacting the matter into law, or require the Council to enact the measure into law.

B.  Elector’s Submission of Petition on Legislation

1.  A petition initiating or referring city legislation may be submitted by electors.  The petition shall comply with the requirements of Section 2.04.050 and meet the signature requirements of Section 2.04.090.

C.   Charter Commission Measures

1.  A measure proposing a charter amendment that is supported by an affirmative vote of at least 15 members of the Charter Commission after a public hearing process prescribed by the Council shall be submitted to the legal voters of the City in conformance with the Charter and this Chapter.