19.16.360 Derrick Booms Near Bridges.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 180917, effective May 26, 2007.)

  1. A.  Any person operating or having control upon the navigable waters within the City limits any watercraft having moveable derrick booms or other adjustable contrivances shall, before passing through or under any bridge, lower the boom or other adjustable contrivance sufficiently so that the draw or lift of any bridge shall not have to be opened or raised on account of such derrick boom or other adjustable contrivance.  It is unlawful for any person having control of any watercraft equipped with moveable derrick boom or other adjustable contrivance to signal for the opening of any draw or the raising of any bridge lift, where, by lowering the derrick boom or other adjustable contrivance, the craft would be able to pass under the bridge without opening the draw or raising the lift.
  2. B.  No watercraft shall be anchored or moored within 50 feet of any such bridge or bridge approach without obtaining a permit therefor as provided by ordinance; provided, however, that this Section shall not apply to cargo carrying vessels which comply with the regulations of the United States Government for protection against fire while taking on or discharging cargo.  All watercraft to which this Section applies shall be kept free from oily rags, oily wood, wastepaper, and all other things which constitute a fire hazard.  Every such watercraft shall be equipped with approved fire extinguishers in good working condition as required by ORS 488.090.
  3. C.  All machinery, apparatus, devices, and instruments for furnishing power, light, heat, or protection against fire or for extinguishing fire, shall comply with all of the regulations of the Government of the United States of America, the State, and the City.  To the full extent permitted by law, authorized personnel of Portland Fire & Rescue, Bureau of Police, or other City bureaus or departments shall have the right at all reasonable hours to inspect watercraft to determine conformity with the provisions of this Section.