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19.16.300 Signal Lights.

City Code Section
  1. All ocean going vessels and other watercraft shall comply with the applicable rules and regulations prescribed by the federal government, and in addition all vessels under 150 feet registered length, barges, scows, or other watercraft, when at anchor within the port, shall carry forward where it can best be seen, but at a height not exceed 20 feet nor less than 8 feet above the deck, a white light showing a clear, uniform, and unbroken light visible all around the horizon at a distance of at least 1 mile.  When at a dock, all vessels, log rafts, booms, or other floating craft that may have been made fast anywhere in the harbor, and any part thereof extending out past the harbor line, shall display from sunset to sunrise at the extreme corners on the upstream and downstream ends, or within 25 feet thereof, a white, and no other colored, light that may be seen at least a distance of 1 mile, except on tankers or other vessels that may be carrying any hazardous cargo on which the federal law requires an unbroken red light, provided that regular fixed deck lights in proper placement may be used in place of portable lights on cargo vessels, and preferred on tankers and vessels carrying hazardous cargo.  No vessel or other watercraft shall display at any place within the City limits any colored lights that may be confused as navigation lights, signal lights, etc., except when actually under way or during a parade, or for a temporary display for a short time only.  Whenever any such lights are to be displayed, notice must be given the Office of the Harbor Master, which Office shall notify the local pilot’s office.  All signal or navigation lights must be maintained from sunset to sunrise.