19.16.253 Canoe Houses and Small Boat Storage

City Code Section
  1. A.  No club association, person, firm, or corporation shall operate or maintain any canoe houses or small boat storage without first having obtained from the Harbor Master a permit for moorage.  The permit shall be required if moorage space is rented to more than three individuals per year by any person, firm, corporation, club, or association.  The permit may be revoked at any time if the Harbor Master finds conditions at any moorage are unsafe or a menace to the public health [or morals of the community], or where existence of the moorage in any location creates conditions adversely affecting navigation or maneuvering of vessels, or where navigation or maneuvering may create a hazard to life and property at the moorage. 
  2. B.  All moorages must have running water piped to them with a service line of sufficient size as to supply adequately all houses in the moorage. 

  3. C.  All walks, steps, gangways, and ramps shall be maintained in good condition at all times, equipped with at least one handrail or safety rail and have sufficient lights distributed as to make them safe at all times at night with lights turned on and burning during the hours of darkness every night.  Electric power lines must be strung so that they will in no way endanger persons passing in and out of any such moorage.

  4. D.  All moorages shall maintain sufficient covered standard garbage cans to take proper care of all garbage for such moorage and garbage shall not be allowed to accumulate for over 7 calendar days without being disposed of as provided by law.  No garbage, waste, or other surplus materials shall be dumped or thrown into any of the waters within or abutting the corporate limits of the City ofPortland, by any person at any moorage.