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19.16.250 Floating Dwellings.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 176955 and 190448, effective July 16, 2021.)

A.  It is unlawful for Any person to place or maintain any houseboat, scow, dwelling,  boathouse, or any other kind of a floating dwelling on the river except at such places as shall be designated by the Harbor Master as proper moorages.

B.  All such dwellings shall be connected with running water from the City’s mains and shall have at least one toilet of the flush type on board, and if the dwelling shall go on ground, a proper closed drain shall be established to running water. 

C.  No such dwelling shall be maintained at any location without permission first having been obtained from the property owner. 

D.  All persons so occupying any floating dwelling shall have written permission from the Harbor Master and the permission shall designate the location of the dwelling.  The Harbor Master shall grant written permission if after investigation they shall find that all of the above provisions have been compiled with and finds that any floating dwelling will not be a menace to the surrounding property or the public health of the community. 

E.  He shall have the power to move any such dwelling at any time it shall become necessary, or at the request of the property owner, or for the safety of the dwelling or the public at large.

F.  Also, there shall be no dwelling established along the waterfront or any property in the City limits from the shore line of the river to the nearest paralleling street curb which will not meet the building specifications and have the permission of the Bureau of Development Services for any such buildings, and they must have running City water connected into the building and have at least one flush type toilet connected to an approved sewer. 

G.  The owner of every floating dwelling shall at all times have at least one 50-foot length of garden hose and a spray nozzle connected to City water service.

H.  All such dwellings and buildings must be constructed so as to meet all the requirements of the building, plumbing, Title 28 Floating Structures, electrical, and fire regulations and shall be subject to inspection by proper authority at any time.

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Ordinance Number 190448

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