The Portland Water Bureau is monitoring a fire in the Bull Run Watershed

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19.16.225 Handling Loose Materials.

City Code Section

A.  It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to throw, dump, deposit, unload, load, wash, flush, or by any other means allow any coal, clean water ballast, ashes, sand, gravel, rock, sawdust, ground fuel, dirt, earth, dust, chaff, vegetable, animal, or fish parts, slabs, planks, timbers, dunnage, paper, metal, or loose products, or dredgings of any kind, or any other unauthorized material into or upon the banks of any stream, tributary, or waters within or abutting the corporate limits of the City of Portland, by high water or other means. 

B.  When such materials are being handled from ship, barge, or other floating object to shore, or from one floating object to another, a sufficient tarpaulin, plate, platform, or other kind of jumper shall be placed, stretched, or spread so as to prevent effectually any such material from falling into the waters of the port, except where the loose materials are being handled by a pipe, hose, tube, tight bucket, or other object, so that no part thereof is allowed to get into the waters of the port. 

C.  No plant along the banks of the navigable waters within or abutting the corporate limits of the City of Portland shall allow any washing, screenings, or plant refuse of any kind whatsoever to get into the river if any such material will prove obnoxious or tend to fill in or obstruct the free flow of the river. 

D.  All concerns engaged in the removal of refuse of any kind on the river shall have suitable barges or boats with fixed bins, barricades, or fences so that no part of any such refuse shall fall overboard while handling or mooring same.  In the event any such material gets into the waters of the port, the materials must be removed at once.