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19.16.145 Oil on Waters of the Harbor.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 190448, effective July 16, 2021.)

  1. A.  No person shall pump, cast, discharge, or allow any petroleum or other oil of whatever nature to flow into or upon any tributary, sewer, drain, ditch, or waters which flow into any navigable water within and abutting the corporate limits of the City of Portland or water which flows into the river.
  2. B.  No vessel or watercraft of any nature whatsoever shall pump bilges containing any oil matter into the waters of the harbor, but they must pump the same into barges or lighters equipped for handling such oil cargo, or with a siphon discharge, and any such pumping shall be a violation of this Chapter if any oil matter shall get into the waters of the harbor.  Notice shall be given to the Harbor Master by the owners, agent, or employees of the lighters or barges prior to the pumping or siphoning, and immediately upon completion of the operations.

  3. C.  No industrial plant garage, service station, oil station, or other oil using plant shall have any direct lead from any oily drain into any sewer, drain, ditch, or other discharge without first running through a sump; and the sump shall be kept skimmed at all times and in case any sump overflows the responsible party shall be held the guilty person.

  4. D.  Whenever any vessel or other watercraft is drydocked, beached, or hauled out on any ship way, and oil of any kind is leaking, all due precautions must be taken to keep such oil from flowing out into the waters of the harbor; and oils must be skimmed into barrels or other containers or absorbed by quantities of hay, straw, dry shavings, or other approved buoyant absorbent.  No chemical cleaner can be used for oil on the water.  Oil must be removed to some place other than where it may again enter the waters of the harbor.

  5. E.  Any person, contractor, firm, or corporation who shall allow any petroleum product or other oil substance to get into such waters in any way must take immediate means to recover as much of the oil substance as possible by absorbing same into hay, straw, dry shavings, or approved buoyant absorbent which can be removed from the water and disposed of.  Sinking same with sand, gravel, or chemical compounds will not be allowed and the use of same will subject the party doing so to arrest.