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19.16.135 Flammable and/or Combustible Liquid Storage on Docks.

City Code Section
  1. A.  Storage of flammable or combustible liquids in excess of Uniform Fire Code exempt amounts shall not be permitted on docks, without prior approval of the Harbor Master.
  2. B.  Storage of flammable and/or combustible liquids on docks in quantities requiring placarding by DOT shall be stored by designated areas.

  1. Exception: Locations approved by the Harbor Master, prior to storage.
  2. C.  Exempt amounts of flammable or combustible liquids may be stored on docks if stored in approved safety cans, flammable liquid cabinets, or in unopened Department of Transportation (DOT) containers.

  3. D.  Flammable liquids or gases and combustible liquids shall not be dispensed in the hold of ships.  Exchanging of fuel cylinders of tanks for equipment shall not be permitted in the holds of ships.  When fueling of lift trucks or other equipment used in the holds of ships becomes necessary, the lift truck or equipment shall be lifted out of the ship to the dock and fueling shall be done on the dock.  The fueling area on the dock shall be approved prior to fueling, by the Harbor Master.  Any additional fire safety equipment deemed necessary by the Harbor Master shall be in place before any fueling or refueling is started.  After fueling or refueling and before the lift truck or equipment is lifted back into the ship, the equipment shall be started and checked for leaks in the fuel system.  The equipment shall then be shut down, lifted back into the hold of the ship and then restarted and work resumed.  Except for emergency fueling of cars of 5 gallons or less.

  4. E.  The transfer of flammable liquids in moorages for water craft is prohibited except at duly authorized fuel docks.