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Chapter 18.08 City Bureaus

City Code Chapter

18.08.010 Bureau Actions.

  1. All City bureaus shall, to the fullest extent consistent with their authorities under other Titles administered by them, carry out their programs in such a manner as to further the provisions of this Title, and shall cooperate to the fullest extent in enforcing the provisions of this Title.

18.08.020 Compliance with Other Laws.

  1. All bureaus engaged in any activities which result, or may result in the emission of sound, shall comply with federal and state regulations and the provisions of this Title, respecting the control and abatement of sound to the same extent that any person is subject to such laws and regulations.

18.08.030 Product Selection.

  1. When two or more products, including supplies, materials and equipment, are being considered for purchase by a City bureau, and excessive sound levels are a factor, the product which has the lowest sound level shall be selected for purchase, provided that:
  2. A.  Fitness and quality are judged to be equal, and
  3. B.  The procurement cost of such product not exceed the total cost required to purchase a competing product and to reduce the sound emission level of that competing product to the lowest level of the product being considered, and
  4. C.  The total cost of the purchase being considered not exceed 110 percent of the cost, prior to silencing, of the most advantageous product of the types being considered.