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17.93.060 Implementation.

A. After Council approval of the name change, the Bureau of Maintenance shall install the new name signs adjacent to the existing street name sign. Both signs shall be in place for a period of five years, unless a petition is submitted to City Council from a majority of abutting property occupants requesting that the dual signage period be shortened. Both street name signs shall be maintained for the five-year period at the same level of maintenance approved for street name sign maintenance Citywide, after which time the old name shall be removed.

B. The Auditor shall also notify the following organizations and individuals of the street name change through public notice, inter-office correspondence, or other appropriate means within 30 days after approval of the enabling Ordinance:

1. The applicant;

2. Affected City, County, State, and Federal Agencies;

3. General public;

4. Emergency service organizations;

5. Owners and occupants of all property abutting the street being renamed; and

6. United States Postal Service.

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