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17.93.040 Review of Application and Public Hearings.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 182389 and 184046, effective September 10, 2010.)  Upon receipt of the applicant’s packet, the City shall process the application as follows:

A.  The City Engineer shall, within 14 calendar days after submission of the completed application, refer the street renaming application to a panel of three historians or persons with appropriate expertise appointed by the Commissioner in charge of the Bureau of Transportation for review and determination as to appropriateness of the proposed name and its compliance with criteria for selecting a new street name, and determination as to historic significance of the street.

B.  The City Engineer shall notify all neighborhood and business associations recognized by the City which encompass or represent owners of property or businesses located on property abutting the street proposed for renaming of the proposed renaming and request that they submit in writing to the City Engineer their support or opposition to the proposed name change within 45 days.

C.  The Historian Panel shall have 45 calendar days from the date of receipt to review the application and advise the City Planning and Sustainability Commission as to its recommendations.  If the panel does not provide a recommendation within the 45-day period, the Planning and Sustainability Commission shall review the application with no recommendation unless the Planning and Sustainability Commission grants a time extension to the Historian Panel, which shall not exceed 14 calendar days.

D.  Concurrent with the Historian Panel review under Subsection C. of this Section, the Auditor shall conduct a postcard mailing survey of each legal owner and each legal address abutting the street in question, notifying them that there will be public hearings by the Planning and Sustainability Commission and City Council regarding the proposed street renaming and requesting the occupant and owner’s input within 30 calendar days, as to the proposed name change.  The Auditor shall also receive and tabulate all responses to the postcard survey and forward the results to the City Planning and Sustainability Commission.

E.  The City Engineer shall prepare and submit to the Planning and Sustainability Commission a budget impact statement as to the direct cost of production and installation of new street name signs and related City costs.

F.  The City Planning and Sustainability Commission shall conduct a public hearing on the matter and make a recommendation to the City Council as to the best interest of the City and the area within six miles of the City limits in accordance with ORS 227.120.

G.  The Auditor shall schedule a public hearing before City Council on the matter.  Notice of the hearing shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation not less than once within the week prior to the week within which the hearing is to be held.

H.  A public hearing shall be held before City Council on the proposed street name change.

I.  The Council may approve or deny application for a street name change upon determination of the best interests of the City and the area within six miles of the City limits.  If Council denies the application, it is filed with no further consideration, and the subject name and street shall not be considered again under this Policy for a period of at least two years.  If Council approves the application, certified copies of the enabling Ordinance shall be filed with the County Recorder, County Assessor, and County Surveyor.