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17.93.030 Application Procedure and Fees.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 183829, effective July 1, 2010.)  The applicant must conform to the following procedure in applying to rename a City street:

A.  The applicant shall submit evidence to the City Engineer that the street renaming proposal is in compliance with Section 17.93.010 A. 2. and A. 3., and Section 17.93.020 B. and C.  If the City Engineer determines the submittal does not comply with these sections, the applicant will be so advised and the City shall take no further action.  If the submittal is in compliance with the above referenced sections, the City Engineer shall issue the application materials described in Subsection B.

B.  The applicant shall obtain from the City Engineer:

1.  official petition forms;

2.  instructions as to fees and required procedures; and

3.  the application form.

C.  The applicant shall, after filing a completed City Engineer’s application form and paying any applicable fees:

1.  Obtain a minimum of 2500 signatures in support of the proposal from legal residents of the City at large or signatures of at least 75% of the abutting property owners along the street proposed for renaming on the petition forms supplied by the City Engineer.

2.  Make a good faith effort to obtain a letter of concurrence to the proposed street renaming from the honoree’s surviving spouse, children, or parents, in that order.  The City Engineer shall accept registered mail receipts and copies of all letters as evidence of compliance with this provision.

3.  Provide to the City Engineer supporting information including a complete biography of the proposed honoree with references of substantiation, honors received, contributions to the national and/or local community, et cetera, which will be reviewed by a historian panel appointed pursuant to Section 17.93.040 A.  This submission shall contain sufficient information to allow the historian panel to accurately assess the appropriateness of renaming a street after the proposed honoree.

D.  The applicant shall have 180 calendar days to complete and submit the information required by Subsection C. to the City Engineer’s office.  If the completed application has not been submitted to the City Engineer within 180 calendar days after the application has been received by the applicant, the application shall be invalid.  No time extension shall be granted.  At the time of submission, the City Engineer shall check the applicant’s application and accept it only if it is complete and appears to comply with the requirements of Sections 17.93.010 through 17.93.030.

1.  If the City Engineer accepts the submission, the applicant shall make a fee deposit to cover the full cost of printing and mailing postcards and public notices as determined by the City Auditor.  The minimum fee deposit shall be as established in the Transportation Fee Schedule if the street proposed for renaming is ten City blocks (½ mile) or less in length.  If the street proposed for renaming is more than ten City blocks (½ mile), the minimum deposit shall be as established in the Transportation Fee Schedule.  The Auditor shall refund any unused portion of the deposit to the applicant, or the applicant shall be required to pay for any cost of printing, mailings, and public notices in excess of the fee deposit.

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