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17.88.090 Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge Required.

City Code Section

(Added by Ordinance 187681; amended by Ordinances 188891, 189651 and 190017, effective July 24, 2020.)

  1. A.  Project applicability. Applicants for the following projects within a single-family residential zone must pay the Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge, except as exempted by this Code or associated administrative rule:
    1. 1.  Building permit. An applicant for a building permit to construct a new, single family building; a new building with up to six units; or another type of construction project that will increase the number of units to six on the site.
    2. 2.  Land division. An applicant for approval to create multiple lots other than as part of a subdivision on real property.
  2. B.  The Bureau of Transportation will assess a Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge according to the total number of linear feet of unimproved street frontage.  The charge will be based on the average, location-specific, actual cost to the City to build local street improvements to City standards at the time of application. The City may establish zone-specific, per-lot maximum numbers of linear feet of unimproved street frontage subject to the Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge.
  3. C.  Payment of a Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge will exempt the property subject to the application from future Local Transportation Infrastructure Charges.
  4. D.  Local Transportation Infrastructure Charges will be collected and administered by the Bureau of Transportation.  The Director of the Bureau of Transportation may establish rules and procedures for the Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge.
  5. E.  An applicant may not appeal under Chapter 17.06 of this Code the City’s assessment of a Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge except as provided by administrative rule.
  6. F.  Affordable housing is exempt from Local Transportation Infrastructure Charges to the same extent and in the same manner that it is exempt from system development charges under this Code.