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17.88.050 Transportation Impact Study.

City Code Section

(Replaced by Ordinance 177028, effective December 14, 2002.)

  1. The traffic impacts of dividing or developing land may warrant a transportation impact study. The purpose of a transportation impact study is to assess the effects of development in the vicinity of a site on traffic conditions and operations; transit, pedestrians, and bicycle movement; and neighborhood livability. A transportation impact study may be required under the following situations:
  2. A. Where approval criteria for a land use review include a requirement of adequacy of transportation services and the development proposed through the review meets or exceeds the following thresholds:
    1. 1. Trip generation threshold. More than 100 new vehicle trips will be generated in the peak direction (inbound or outbound) during the site's peak traffic hour; or
    2. 2. Neighborhood traffic threshold. More than 250 new trips will be generated per day that are likely to use predominately residential Local Service Traffic Streets.
  3. B. Safety or operational impacts. Where the City Engineer has identified potential safety or operational concerns that may be impacted by the layout of a site or the location or size of driveways for a proposed development.