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17.88.020 For Buildings and Planning Actions.

City Code Section

(Replaced by Ordinance 177028; amended by Ordinances 182760, 184957 and 187681, effective May 13, 2016.) 

  1. All building permits and planning actions are subject to the following:
  2. A.  No single family, multiple dwelling, industrial or commercial building shall be constructed, or altered so as to increase its number of occupants, or make significant alterations to a building without resulting in increased occupancy, on property that does not have direct access by frontage or recorded easement with not less than 10 feet width of right‑of‑way to a street used for vehicular traffic. 
  3. B.  If a street adjacent to a property described in Subsection A. above does not have a standard full-width improvement, including sidewalks, the owner, as a condition of obtaining a building permit, conditional use, zone change, land partition or adjustment, shall provide for such an improvement or a portion thereof as designated by the Director of the Bureau of Transportation in accordance with provisions elsewhere in this Title.  The payment of a Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge will satisfy the requirements of this Subsection.
  4. C.  Based on findings that a standard improvement is not feasible, the Director of the Bureau of Transportation may allow a temporary improvement appropriate for the circumstances, on the condition that the City will not maintain said temporary improvement and the owner will provide the City with a notarized document, approved as to form by the City Attorney, to be filed with the County in which property is located, stating that the present and future owners will be counted in favor of any proposed standard improvement of said street.  Fee for said filing and any other expense of the City incidental to accomplishing the temporary improvement shall be paid by the owner.