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17.84.065 Vacation on Council’s Own Motion; Notification.

(Added by Ordinance No. 136419, effective May 28, 1973.) Whenever the City Council shall initiate vacation proceedings on its own motion, the City Auditor shall give notice of the proposed action and hearing to all owners of real property affected thereby. The real property affected thereby shall be deemed to be the land lying on either side of the street or portion thereof proposed to be vacated and extending laterally to the next street that serves as a parallel street, but in any case, not to exceed 200 feet, and the land for a like lateral distance on either side of the street for 400 feet along its course beyond each terminus of the part proposed to be vacated. When a street is proposed to be vacated to its termini, the land embraced in an extension of the street for a distance of 400 feet beyond each terminus shall also be counted. Whenever the Council shall initiate proceedings to vacate a plat or portion thereof, the City Auditor shall notify all property owners within such plat or part thereof proposed to be vacated of the proposed action and hearing.

The notification required by this Section shall be given not less than 28 days before the hearings on the proposed action.

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