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17.84.030 Consideration of Petition.

City Code Section

(Replaced by Ordinance 182760; Amended by Ordinances 184046, 184957 and 190519, effective March 1, 2023.) 

  1. Pursuant to ORS 271.080 through 271.100, when a petition for the vacation of a street, public place or plat is presented to the Director, it shall be reviewed, and if found to be sufficient as provided by the statutes, and upon a formal investigation and review by city bureaus, utility companies, and other agencies, a report will be generated by PBOT and  submitted to the Planning Commission (“PC”) for action.  Following the PC hearing, PBOT shall prepare a report containing the findings from the formal investigation and any recommendations of the PC. The report and petition shall be submitted to Council for consideration.  Notice of the vacation hearing shall be published and posted pursuant to ORS 271.110.

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Ordinance Number 190519

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