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17.84.020 Fees.

City Code Section

(Replaced by Ordinance No. 172859; amended by Ordinance Nos. 184957 and 190519, effective July 28, 2021.)

A.  Whenever a request for a petition for the vacation of a street, public place or plat, or any part thereof is presented to the  Portland Bureau of Transportation (“PBOT”), the person making the request shall pay to PBOT a fee for preparation of the petition document for vacation.  The fee for this service shall be established annually by the Director.

B.  When a completed petition is presented to PBOT for filing and consideration by the Portland City Council (the “Council”), the person presenting the petition for the vacation shall pay to PBOT a fee, established by the Director, to cover the estimated costs of processing the petition.  All departments or bureaus involved in processing a vacation shall keep records of the costs incurred on each individual vacation proceeding and shall submit such costs to the Director prior to passage of the vacating ordinance.  If the actual cost of advertising and expenses, and all processing costs, including employee salaries and applicable overheads, related to the vacation exceed the fee collected, a sum sufficient to cover all such costs shall be collected before the vacation is completed, and payment thereof shall be a condition of the vacating ordinance.

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Ordinance Number 190519

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