17.80.010 Approval by Director of the Bureau of Transportation.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 184046, 184957 and 191150, effective March 1, 2023.) 

  1. No new Subdivision plat of lands within the City nor of any addition to the same shall be filed for record, nor shall any street, alley, or other way be dedicated, until the plat or dedication has been submitted to the Director of the Bureau of Transportation together with proof that all special assessments on the property included have been paid, or bonded under the provisions of this Title relative to local improvement assessments, and until the Director of the Bureau of Transportation has endorsed thereon his certificate that the special assessments appear to have been paid, or payment has been provided for by bonding, and that the plat of the lands or addition, or dedication of street or way is of a suitable and convenient character.  If a portion of property covered by a bonded assessment is sought to be subdivided or dedicated, the owner must first obtain an apportionment of the assessment lien in accordance with procedures set forth in the City Charter.  Whenever any plat of any addition or Subdivision of land within the corporate limits of the City is submitted to the Director of the Bureau of Transportation by the Planning Commission, it is his duty, before approving plat, to require that all streets and alleys marked on said plats be of adequate width and he may require the streets and alleys to be aligned with other streets and alleys or extensions thereof, abutting on the land to be platted.