17.48.050 Cutting Wires in Moving Operation.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 182760 and 184957, effective November 25, 2011.)  

  1. When overhead wires in any street designated in a permit for moving a building or structure will interfere with the moving operation, the permittee shall give to the owner of the wire, including the City when it is the owner, 48 hours notice of intent to have the wire temporarily removed.  The permittee shall pay in advance or tender to the owner, other than the City, the amount estimated to be necessary to remove the wire and replace the same.  When the City owns the wire, the cost of temporary removal and replacement shall be included in the requirement for deposit prerequisite to permit, as provided in this Chapter.  If the permittee disputes the amount demanded by the owner as the advance or tender, the amount shall be determined by the Director of the Bureau of Transportation.  The permittee of a moving permit shall pay the actual expense of removing and replacing the wire, and as soon as the actual expense can be determined the permittee shall immediately pay any deficit and the owner shall refund any surplus to him or her.  Upon receipt or tender of the amount estimated or the amount fixed by the Director of the Bureau of Transportation in case of dispute, the owner of the wire shall remove it in time to permit the passage of the building or structure without unnecessary delay.