17.48.030 Moving Permit.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 140207, 173627, 180917, 182389, 182760, 184957, 184522, 185448, 186053 and 186900, effective January 1, 2015.)

  1. A.  When a building to be moved does not exceed three stories in height, the Director of the Bureau of Transportation may issue a moving permit, fixing the route to be used for the move, with the prior approval of the Traffic Engineer of the route, and upon the terms as he or she may deem necessary.  The Director of the Bureau of Transportation shall keep a copy of the permit so issued.
  2. B.  When a building to be moved exceeds three stories in height, any permit for moving shall be issued by the Council by ordinance.  The Ordinance shall set forth any conditions upon the moving which may be deemed necessary and which are not provided for in this Chapter, and shall set forth the Director of the Bureau of Transportation’s estimate of the cost to the City of issuing the permit, investigating the application, and supervising the moving, to be paid by the applicant for permit as a part of the fee elsewhere prescribed in Section 17.24.020.
  3. C.  No moving permit shall be issued until the applicant shall have filed with the Auditor an insurance policy or certificate of insurance and form of policy for public liability insurance naming as additional insured’s the City, its officers, agents and employees, in the amounts of at least $1,000,000 (one million dollars), or the maximum limits of the Oregon Tort Claims Act as subsequently amended, whichever is greater; the insurance shall also contain a provision that it shall not be cancelable during the term of the permit.
  4. D.  A moving permit shall not be issued until the applicant has deposited with the Treasurer a sum sufficient, in the judgment of the Director of the Bureau of Transportation, to cover the cost of repairing any and all damage or injury to street or streets, or the improvements therein including street trees, which may result from the moving operation, and also such sums as the Bureau of Transportation and Portland Fire & Rescue, and any other City bureau involved, may require to cover the cost of moving, repairing, restoring or replacing any wires, signals, trees or other properties or installations which may be necessary in preparation for or in consequence of any moving operation.  Upon completion of the moving operation, the bureau or bureaus which may have required such deposit and the Director of the Bureau of Transportation shall submit to the Treasurer a statement of the costs of any operations, repairs or replacements occasioned by or as the result of the moving operation, and other information as the Treasurer may request, in order to reimburse the proper account from the money so deposited, and shall authorize the Treasurer in writing to refund the remaining portion of such deposit, if any, to the depositor.  If the cost exceeds the amount deposited, the depositor shall promptly reimburse the affected bureau or bureaus for such additional cost.