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17.43.030 Soliciting For or Conducting Business.

A.  Except as expressly permitted under the terms of a lease, concession or permit, no person shall solicit for or conduct any business in a pedestrian plaza.

B.  For purposes of this Section, “solicit for or conduct any business” means:

1.  Sell or offer to sell any article or service;

2.   Display goods, or descriptions or depictions of goods or services, with the intent to engage any member of the public in a transaction for the sale of any good or service; or

3.  Perform or engage in any act with the intent or expectation of receiving payment in any form from any person.

C.  Nothing in this Section shall prohibit any act by any Police Officer in the scope of employment or duty, or by any person performing any work on behalf of the City, nor shall this Section be construed to prohibit any act protected under the circumstances by the federal or state constitution.

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