17.39.050 Notification and Control of Illicit Connections and Discharges.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 186403 and 186902, effective December 26, 2014.)

A.  Notification by telephone must be provided to BES and other authorities as applicable for the following conditions:

1.  Illicit Connections.  Notice must be provided within twenty-four hours after discovery of an illicit connection to the City’s storm sewer and drainage system. 

2.  Illicit Discharges.  Notice must be provided immediately after discovery of the illicit discharge. Written reports must also be submitted to BES within five days of discovery of an illicit discharge or as otherwise specified by a BES discharge permit or authorization.

B.  Control and Abatement.  Dischargers shall immediately take all reasonable steps to minimize the effects of an illicit discharge to the City storm sewer and drainage system or any waters of the state. These actions may include cleaning the impacted public and private system components under City direction or performing additional monitoring to determine the nature and extent of the discharge. 

C.  Protection of City Systems.  Dischargers must eliminate or control direct or indirect spills or discharges into the City’s storm sewer and drainage system.  The Director may require dischargers to make structural or operational modifications to their facilities, equipment, or drainage systems or to take other measures to  protect the City’s storm sewer and drainage system.  Such structures and site modifications must be reviewed and approved by the Director to determine sufficiency.  A permit or permit review may be required.