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17.38.040 Stormwater and Water Quality Management Required.

City Code Section
  1. A.  Applicability.  Unless exempt by rule, sites that propose one or more of the following site improvements or site activities must comply with the standards of the Stormwater Management Manual and the Source Control Manual to the extent each applies under its respective terms:
    1. 1.  A project that develops or redevelops 500 square feet or more of impervious area must manage stormwater for retention, pollution reduction, and flow and volume control requirements as spelled out in this Chapter;
    2. 2.  Modification to or construction of new areas with pollution-generating activities of concern as identified by rule.  These areas must be constructed with applicable onsite controls;
    3. 3.  New connections or new drainage areas routed into a receiving system or from one receiving system to another.  These connections most often are generated from decommissioning of private, onsite drainage or groundwater related systems;
    4. 4.  A retrofit project that will install new stormwater management or source control facilities to manage and treat stormwater from existing impervious surfaces or sites uses;
    5. 5.  A project to upgrade nonconforming landscaping in order to meet the requirements of Title 33. These upgrades must include designs for new or upgraded landscaped areas to manage parking lot stormwater according to the Stormwater Management Manual and Source Control Manual;
    6. 6.  Property with a drainageway that requires a drainage reserve.
  2. B.  No plat, site plan, building permit, tenant improvement, public works project, or any improvement requiring a City permit will be approved unless the conditions of the plat, permit or plan approval requires installation of permanent stormwater management facilities and source controls designed according to standards or guidelines established by the Director and as specified in the Stormwater Management Manual and the Source Control Manual.