17.35.070 Fee Schedule.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 156500, 160886, 162109, 165136, 166674, 167692, 168857, 170190, 171224, 172288, 173414, 175620, 176524, 177530, 178449, 179274, 180189, 181006 and 181846, effective July 1, 2008.)

A. Discharge permit holders are subject to the following septage discharge fees:

1. Annual Discharge Permit Fee. Fees are to be paid on an annual basis at time of permit application.

2. Discharge Rates. Each delivery received at the plant is subject to discharge rates, which will be applied to full tank capacity of the delivery vehicle. The plant may accept partial loads on a pre-approved basis. Measurement disputes between septage haulers and City personnel will be resolved by a process established by the Director.

3. After-Hours Fee. Deliveries received at the plant outside of normal business hours are subject to an after-hours fee.

B. Septage discharge fees and rates are adopted, annually, by general ordinance to establish sewer and drainage rates and charges.