17.35.020 Permits Required.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 166674, 182760 and 185397, effective July 6, 2012.)  Only those persons possessing a valid septage discharge permit issued from the City ofPortlandwill be allowed to discharge septage at the Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant (CBWTP).

A.  Permits shall authorize discharges for one year, unless a shorter time frame is authorized by the Director.

B.  The City shall issue permits for the discharge of septage at CBWTP after receipt of the following:

1.  A Septage Discharge Permit Application form;

2.  A copy of a valid sewage disposal service license issued by the DEQ;

3.  A current DEQ Sewage Pumping Equipment Description/Inspection form for each vehicle identified on the permit;

4.  A performance guaranty as described in 17.35.060 of this Chapter;

5.  A copy of insurance coverage at or above those levels required by the Oregon Public Utility Commission;

6.  Effective July 1, 1994, a certificate of completion, or the ability to receive such certification within 30 days of permit approval, by applicant personnel at the City of Portland’s “Septage Hauler Training Class.”  Personnel of an approved septage hauler shall attend the City’s Septage Hauler Training Class.  The class will inform haulers about the City’s Septage Receiving Program and the operational process at CBWTP.  Certification renewals may be requested on an annual basis and shall be required upon request of the Director or when permittee personnel changes occur.

7.  The City shall impose appropriate conditions in permits to ensure compliance with requirements of this Chapter.

C.  No provision of this Section shall be construed to create any right to the disposition of septage at a City facility inconsistent with the public interest of the City.