17.35.010 Definitions.

City Code Section

(Replaced by Ordinance No. 185397, effective July 6, 2012.) As used in this Chapter the following definitions apply:

A.  “Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant (CBWTP)” means the City ofPortland’s wastewater treatment plant located at5001 N. Columbia Boulevard,Portland,Oregon.

B.  “Director” means the Director of the Bureau of Environmental Services or the Director’s designee.

C.  “Holding tank” means a tanks with no drain field which is required to be pumped out on a regular basis.

D.  “Operator in charge” means the operator in charge, hereafter referred to as “operator,” is the designated operator on duty at the Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant or other designated location who supervises and directs any discharge of septage.

E.  “Septage” means domestic wastes in a tank or container such as chemical toilets.

F.  “Tri-County Area” means the area within Multnomah, Clackamas andWashingtonCounties.