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17.34.075 Other Sanitary Discharge Permits or Authorizations

City Code Section

(Added by Ordinance No. 180037, effective April 28, 2006.)  The City may require authorization for any discharge to the sanitary or combined sewer of materials that violate the discharge prohibitions listed in 17.34.030.

A.   Authorization may take the form of a written authorization for an intermittent or ongoing discharge.  Authorization may also require the adherence to management practices to reduce pollutant releases associated with the authorized discharge

B.  Dischargers may be required to provide:

1.  Evaluation of the proposed discharge, including: sampling, prior to being granted authorization to discharge. 

2.   Adequate information and access to the location or process creating the discharge, to allow the City to fully evaluate any pretreatment needs for authorizing the discharge. 

C.   The City may require pretreatment for any discharge to the City’s sewer system, including but not limited to requirements specified in 17.34.050. 

D.   Non-compliance with these requirements is subject to the enforcement steps specified in 17.34.110 and in the associated Sanitary System Discharge administrative rules.