17.34.060 Accidental Spill Prevention and Control.

City Code Section

(Replaced by Ordinance 185397, effective July 6, 2012.)

  1. A.  Notification. Any person becoming aware of spills or uncontrolled discharges of hazardous or toxic substances or of substances prohibited under Section 17.34.030 directly or indirectly into the City sewer system must immediately report such discharge by telephone to the Director and to any other authorities required under other local, state, or federal laws or regulations.
  2. B.   Written notice. Within 5 days following an accidental discharge as described in Subsection A. above, the discharger shall submit to the Director a detailed written report describing the cause of the discharge and the measures to be taken to prevent similar future occurrences. Such notification will not relieve the discharger from any fines, civil penalties, or other liability which may be imposed under the authority of this Chapter or rules adopted hereunder or other applicable law.
  3. C.  Posted notice.  A notice informing employees of an industrial wastewater discharger of the notification requirement above which contains information regarding reporting in the event of such a discharge shall be posted in a conspicuous place and shall be visible to all employees who may reasonably be expected to observe such a discharge. 
  4. D.  Preventive measures. Direct or indirect connections or entry points which could allow spills or uncontrolled discharges of hazardous or toxic substances or of substances prohibited under Section 17.34.030 to enter the City sewer system must be eliminated or labeled and controlled so as to prevent the entry of wastes in violation of this Chapter. The Director may require the discharger to install or modify equipment or make other changes necessary to prevent such discharges as a condition of issuance of an industrial wastewater discharge permit or as a condition of discharge authorization to the City sewer system. A schedule of compliance shall be established by the Director for completion of required actions within the shortest reasonable period of time. Inability to comply with this schedule without an extension of time by the Director is a violation of this Chapter.
  5. E.  Accidental Spill Prevention Plans.
    1. 1.  Dischargers that handle, store or use hazardous or toxic substances or substances prohibited under Section 17.34.030 on their sites shall prepare and submit to the Director an Accidental Spill Prevention Plan, according to the requirements set out in administrative rule, within 60 days after notification by the Director or as required by an industrial wastewater discharge permit.