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17.34.040 Discharge Limitations.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 185397, effective July 6, 2012.)

A.  It is unlawful for a discharger to discharge wastes or wastewater to the City sewer system in excess of limitations established in an industrial wastewater discharge permit or in violation of the prohibited discharges in Section 17.34.030.  The Director of Environmental Services shall establish specific discharge limitations under separate rules to meet the objectives of this Chapter.

B.  It is unlawful for a discharger to use dilution as a partial or complete substitute for adequate treatment to achieve compliance with the standards and limitations set forth in this Chapter, administrative rules, or in an industrial wastewater discharge permit issued pursuant to the Chapter.  The Director may impose mass limitations on dischargers who are using dilution to meet the applicable pretreatment standards or requirements of this Chapter, administrative rules or in other cases where the Director determines that the imposition of mass limitations is appropriate.

C.  The Director may authorize the use of equivalent concentration limits in lieu of mass limits for certain industrial categories, and allow the conditional use of equivalent mass limit in lieu of concentration-based limits where appropriate.

D.  Termination or limitation.  Notwithstanding prior acceptance into the City sewer system of industrial wastewater, if the Director finds that industrial wastewater from a particular commercial or industrial occupancy or a class of similar occupancies cause or may cause damage, interference, hazard or nuisance to the City sewer system, City personnel or the receiving waters, the Director may limit the characteristics or volume of the industrial wastewater accepted or may terminate acceptance.  Notice of the limitation or termination shall be given in writing to the occupant of the property or posted on the property involved, and shall specify the date when the limitation or termination is to be effective.  It is unlawful for any person to discharge or permit the discharge of industrial wastewater in violation of this notice.