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17.33.070 Deferrals of Required Sewer Connections.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 185694, effective November 23, 2012.) 

  1. A deferral of the requirement to connect to a public sewer may not exceed five years, although it may be renewed based on a re-evaluation of eligibility, and it does not transfer with the sale or transfer of property.  The property remains subject to the requirements of this Chapter following termination of the connection deferral.  Eligibility criteria vary for the Mandatory Sewer Connection and the Nonconforming Sewer Conversion programs.  Deferral requests will be considered on the following, as described more fully in program administrative rules:
  2. A.  Mandatory Connection.  Deferrals may be granted for the following:
    1. 1.  Applicant-based criteria.  These include financial, medical or other hardship criteria related to the property owner; and
    2. 2.  Property-related criteria.  These are based on hardship conditions related to the property and the work required to complete the sewer connection. 
  3. B.  Nonconforming Sewer Conversion. The Director may defer conversion to conforming sewer connections according to criteria established in administrative rule.