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17.32.120 Reimbursements for Work.

City Code Section
  1. A.  Backflow Device Reimbursement. A property owner may submit an application for partial reimbursement of the cost for installation of a sewer backflow device on a combined sewer line. To be eligible, the building or structure must be connected to the City combined sewer system and be in an area vulnerable to sewer backups, as determined by the BES Chief Engineer. All backflow devices installed pursuant to this Section will be owned by the building owner, who must assume the costs of maintenance, repair and replacement.
    1. 1.  Backflow devices must be installed per Title 25, Plumbing Regulations.
    2. 2.  As of July 1, 1996, if the reimbursement is approved, the building owner must pay the first $100 of the cost of such installation, and the City pays the next $1,500 of such costs. The building owner must pay any amount in excess of $1,600. Payment to the property owner of the City’s share of the expense is made upon the Bureau of Development Services’ final inspection and the owner’s submittal of the plumber’s billing for the work.
    3. 3.  City participation in the cost of installation does not guarantee or in any manner warrant any backflow device, nor does the City give any warranty that the device will prevent future flooding. The City does not assume any responsibility for damages incurred as a result of flooding subsequent to installation of any backflow device. The owner may look to a warranty or guarantee from the manufacturer of the backflow device or the installation contractor. 
  2. B.  Sewer and Drainage System Extensions.
    1. 1.  Payment for Extension. When a City sewer or drainage improvement is extended past or to properties, all property owners benefiting from the extension will be assessed a share of the anticipated cost of the extension based on either Local Improvement Districts as described in Chapter 17.08; or other charges as specified in Section 17.36.040.
    2. 2.  Reimbursement for Extension. The property owner or developer paying for a sewer or drainage system extension that will serve unserved properties will be reimbursed by the City for part of the cost of such extension: 
      1. a.  The amount of reimbursement for a sewer extension is limited to the amount of revenue that would be received from the line and branch charge established in Section 17.36.040 if, upon acceptance of the sewer by the City, all properties adjacent to and capable of receiving gravity service were to connect. The reimbursement will not exceed the cost of an equal length of 8-inch-diameter sewer line, as determined by the BES Chief Engineer.
      2. b.  The amount of reimbursement for a drainage improvement extension is limited to the cost to manage the drainage basin area drained to new facilities that will be accepted by the City for long term maintenance.
      3. c.  The reimbursement for any project will not exceed 50 percent of the amount budgeted by the City in any fiscal year, unless otherwise approved by the Director.  The total reimbursement in any fiscal year must not exceed the amount budgeted for that purpose in that year; however funds may be committed against the next year’s budgeted amount.