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17.32.110 Permit and Review Fees.

City Code Section
  1. Permit and review fees are described on the BES annual rate ordinance required by Chapter 17.36. BES may withhold issuance of any permit until applicable connection charges and review fees are paid in full. Multi-tiered permit fees may be applicable.
  2. A.  Access, Use and Encroachment Reviews and Permits. Sewer access, use and encroachment permit review fees will recover the cost of BES reviews including all applicable overhead and inspection charges. 
  3. B.  Connection Permits. Connection permit review fees will recover the cost of all City reviews including all applicable overhead charges for review and inspection. Overhead rates are set annually by the Director.
  4. C.  Public Works Permits. Public works permit review fees recover the true costs of engineering and superintendence services in connection with public sewer or drainage improvement projects based on City records of time, materials, services, overhead and indirect costs incurred to provide the services. Public works permit and review fees recover the costs for all projects completing work whether performed by contract in the name of the City, by private contract between a permittee and a contractor, or directly by the permittee.
  5. D.  All fees must be paid prior to receiving a permit and commencing work.
  6. E.  BES may withhold a portion of permit fees and charges to cover costs associated with opening and reviewing a permit. Canceled connection, use, encroachment, proximity review and standard public works permits are generally not eligible for refund unless meeting the criteria set by the Director. Complex public works permits are eligible for refund of the applicable portions of the public works permit deposit not already spent on City design or review services.