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17.32.100 Public Works Permits.

City Code Section
  1. A.  The construction, modification, repair or removal of a component of the City sewer, storm sewer and drainage system requires a public works permit prior to beginning work. All applicants must complete a public works application form that provides:
    1. 1.  A description of the proposed work and the applicable public improvements.
    2. 2.  Locations and names of proposed streets where work is proposed, location of any off-street improvements, and the name of a new proposed plat development, if any.
    3. 3.  Any other information the BES chief Engineer deems appropriate.
  2. A permit will be issued by the City after the sewer or drainage improvement plans and/or description of proposed work have been approved by the BES Chief Engineer.
  3. B.   Prior to City issuance of a permit, the applicant must provide a performance bond, cash, or other financial guarantee in an amount not to exceed the City’s estimate for construction and engineering.
  4. C.   The BES Chief Engineer will only issue a permit for the construction of a public sewer or drainage improvement in advance of plat recording of a subdivision or planned unit development after:
    1. 1.  The sewer or drainage improvement plans have been approved;
    2. 2.  The final plat, with or without required signatures affixed, has been submitted to the Bureau Development Services;
    3. 3.  The Bureau of Development Services has given written assurances that subdivision or planned unit development approval conditions have been or will be met;
    4. 4.  All applicable easements outside the subdivision or planned unit development have been obtained, and
    5. 5.  The applicant has complied with Section 17.32.050 of this Code.
    6. 6.  The issuance of a BES public works permit in no way waives any requirements by the City or any other public agency that may be associated with the development of a plat or Planned Unit Development.
  5. D.  Persons wishing to utilize City design services must include payment of a deposit in an amount to be determined by the Director with the permit application. All deposits must be made before any City design work begins. BES will retain the deposit as compensation for the preparation of design and plans or for review efforts if:
    1. 1.  A permit application or issued public works permit has had no action or communication for one year from the previous contact; or
    2. 2.  A permit is not issued for the proposed improvement within one year from the time the design and plans are reviewed and completed. 
    3. 3.  If a public works permit is issued for the proposed improvement within one year from the time the design and plans are completed, the amount of the required deposit will be applied to the cost of the permit fee for such improvements.
  6. E.  In addition to the standard permit conditions of Section 17.32.050, public works permits must meet the following standard conditions:
    1. 1.  The resulting public improvement must be located in a public easement or public right of way and will come under City control upon plat and easement recording with the County. 
    2. 2.  The permittee shall hold the City of Portland harmless in writing against any liability that may arise from or in connection with the permitted activity prior to any dedication of rights-of-way or recording of easements. The permittee must assume all risk of loss that may arise in the event the City or any other public agency subsequently requires changes in or additions to plans or refuses to approve all or any part of the permittee's improvements.
    3. 3.  The permittee must, at the permittee's own expense, maintain any permitted City sewer or drainage improvement for a period of 24 months following the issuance of a letter of permit completion by the City Engineer. The warranty period ensures that workmanship and materials are not defective and that the improvement is operating properly. BES may extend the warranty period for any repairs, alterations or rehabilitations that needed to occur during the original warranty period. 
    4. 4.  Any drainage improvements made on private property and private or shared private/public facility systems allowed in a City right-of-way or easement will remain the maintenance responsibility of the private property owner as a condition of the approved permit and associated maintenance agreement unless accepted as a City maintenance responsibility by the Director.
    5. 5.  All plats and easements must be recorded with the County prior to final acceptance of the public sewer or drainage improvements.
  7. F.  Acceptance of Improvements.
    1. 1.  Notice of Construction Completion. During the course of construction, and before issuance of a letter of permit completion from the BES Chief Engineer or a certificate of completion from the Bureau of Transportation for joint projects, the BES Chief Engineer will inspect the sewer or drainage improvement and to determine if the improvements were constructed in compliance with the plans, specifications and conditions of the permit and if they meet City standards for quality of workmanship. The BES Chief Engineer will check the improvement for alignment and conformance with the established grade. Once this acceptance is garnered, the maintenance and warranty period will commence.
    2. 2.  Certificate of Completion of the Maintenance and Warranty Period. All of the work required during the warranty period must be completed to the satisfaction of the Chief Engineer prior to completion certificate issuance and issuance of a warranty completion certificate accepting the improvement.
    3. 3.  In the event the BES Chief Engineer does not accept a public sewer or drainage improvement within one year after completion of the warranty period, the permittee must remove the improvement and restore the public area to at least its prior condition or to the extent directed by the BES Chief Engineer or City Engineer at the permittee’s expense.