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17.28.150 Billing for Charges.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 183348, 189413 and 189837, effective February 28, 2020.)

A.  When work is completed by the City on any construction, reconstruction or repair of a sidewalk, curb or driveway, the amount of the charge shall be determined by the City Engineer and reported to the Revenue Division.  The Revenue Division shall calculate a proposed assessment that includes the amount of the improvement charge plus 10% of the charge to defray the administrative costs of notice, assessment and lien recording.

B.  The Revenue Division shall prepare a proposed assessment notice for the owner of each property or the owner’s agent of the affected property as shown in the County tax records.  The notice shall be mailed at least 21 calendar days before the public hearing on the proposed assessment, and the notice shall consist of the following information:

1.  The legal description and site address of the property;

2.  The amount of the proposed assessment against the property;

3.  The manner and deadline for filing a written remonstrance to the proposed assessment amount;

4.  The date, time and location of the public hearing for Council consideration of the proposed assessment; and

5.  Contact information for sidewalk repair.

C.  Any owner of property proposed to be assessed for sidewalk repair may file a remonstrance to the proposed assessment with the Revenue Division.  The remonstrance must be in writing and received by the Revenue Division via US mail or hand delivered no later than 5:00 PM eight (8) calendar days prior to the hearing by the City Council on the proposed final assessment.  Upon receipt of a timely filed remonstrance the Revenue Division shall remove the property from the filing of the proposed assessment before the City Council hearing date, and shall refer the remonstrance to the responsible bureau for follow-up and response.

D.  The Revenue Division shall mail the proposed assessment notice by first class mail to the owners of the affected property.  The notice shall be deemed given upon deposit in the U.S. mail.

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