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17.28.065 Bicycle Parking.

(Added by Ordinance No. 177028; amended by Ordinance Nos. 178173, 182389, 182760 and 184957, effective November 25, 2011.)  Bicycle parking in the right-of-way adjacent to multifamily, commercial, institutional, employment, or industrial land uses helps to achieve the City's goal of making the bicycle an integral part of daily life in Portland.  Bicycle parking in the right-of-way provides convenient, accessible, and clearly visible parking in areas where buildings are generally built to the sidewalk.

A.  As a part of street improvements adjacent to developing or redeveloping property, the Director of the Bureau of Transportation may, where determined appropriate and practicable, require one or more bicycle racks.

B.  The location and type of rack shall be determined by the Director of the Bureau of Transportation based on sidewalk width, location of other elements in the right-of-way, and adjacent land uses.

C.  Bicycle Parking Fund.  An owner of a building without surface parking, or without parking or open areas within 50 feet of the main entrance may choose to pay a fee to the Bureau of Transportation Bicycle Parking Fund in lieu of short-term bicycle parking required by Table 266-6 in Title 33, Planning and Zoning.  The Bureau of Transportation will use the collected fees to install bicycle parking and associated improvements in the right-of-way.

1.  Authority.  The City Council delegates authority to the Director of the Bureau of Transportation to adopt administrative rules and procedures necessary to implement provisions of this section.  All rules pursuant to this authority shall be filed with the Office of City Auditor and be available for public inspection.

2.  Calculation of required fund contributions. Applicants must contribute the cost to purchase, install and maintain bicycle parking and associated improvements.  The cost to purchase, install, and maintain bicycle parking will be adjusted annually as determined by the Director of the Bureau of Transportation.

3.  Payment.  The Bicycle Parking Fund fee is due to be paid upon issuance of a building permit.  The Director of the Bureau of Transportation is authorized to refund the Bicycle Parking Fund fee where the development approved by building permit is not constructed and the building permit is cancelled.

4.  Width of Sidewalk Corridor.  The sidewalk corridor where bicycle parking is to be installed must meet or exceed the width recommended in the Pedestrian Design Guide for installation of bicycle parking.  In no case may bicycle parking, installed through the Bicycle Parking Fund be placed in a sidewalk corridor of less than 10 feet in width.

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