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17.28.040 Construction Alternatives.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 182760, 184957 and 189413, effective March 6, 2019.)  In case three or more adjacent properties are posted with notice to construct sidewalk or curb, or both, as set forth in Section 17.28.030, they may petition for such construction as a local improvement.  Otherwise it shall be the duty of the owners of properties posted with such notice to construct the same.  Before constructing the sidewalk or curb, or both, the owner, designated agent or the occupant of the property intending to construct the same, shall obtain from the Director of the Bureau of Transportation a permit therefore, which permit shall prescribe the kind of sidewalk or curb, or both, to be constructed, the material to be used and the width thereof.  After notice to construct sidewalk or curb, or both, has been posted, the owner, agent or occupant shall construct the same within 30 days from the date of posting, or within said time shall show cause, if any there be, by a written remonstrance addressed to the City Council stating why the same should not be constructed.  The Council will grant a hearing to the remonstrator at a regular meeting as soon thereafter as the same can be filed on regular Council Calendar.  The Council will thereupon determine whether or not such sidewalk or curb, or both, shall be constructed.  If the remonstrator is not present at the time of such determination by the Council, the Revenue Division shall forthwith notify such person of such determination of the Council by mail sent to the address given upon the written remonstrance.  Failure of the Revenue Division to send the notice, or failure of the remonstrator to receive the same, or any other mistake therein, shall not render void or ineffective the lien to be imposed upon the property in the event of City construction.  In the event that the Council determines that the sidewalk or curb, or both, shall be constructed, the owner or designated agent or the occupant shall within 10 days thereafter begin the construction thereof and diligently prosecute the same to final completion.

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