17.27.260 Removal of Structural Driveways.

City Code Section
  1. Upon revocation of the permit, the permittee or any successor permittee, shall at permittee’s own cost remove such structure within 30 days after written notice to the permittee by the City of such revocation, unless the City Council specifies a shorter period, and shall return the street area in which the structure was located to the condition of the street area immediately surrounding it, to the satisfaction of the Director of the Bureau of Transportation.  If the permittee does not remove the structure and/or return the street area to a condition satisfactory to the Director of the Bureau of Transportation, the Director of the Bureau of Transportation may do so, and the permittee shall be personally liable to the City for any and all costs of dismantling the structure and reconstructing the street area.  The costs of removal and reconstruction shall become a lien upon the abutting property until paid by the permittee.