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17.26.140 Special Event Designation.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 182760, effective June 5, 2009.)  The special event designation allows vendors to conduct business on City sidewalks at the Rose Festival parades and other major special events that the City Engineer shall so designate, subject to the following conditions:

A.  Application shall be made to the City Engineer on a form deemed appropriate by the City Engineer.  Each application shall apply to only one event or parade.  Application is open to any vendor who possesses a valid sidewalk vending permit.  Each application shall be accompanied by:

1.  All necessary permit fees.

2.  The proposed location for conducting business along with the temporary written consent of the property owners adjacent to the permit operating area.  This temporary consent must be on a form deemed appropriate by the City Engineer.  No application will be accepted for a permit operating area within which a permit has been issued or an application is pending.

B.  Application must be made at least 5 working days prior to an event to qualify for participation.

C.  All temporary locations shall be on side streets adjacent to the parade or event.

D.  Temporary locations are valid only for the date and hours specified by the City Engineer.

E.  All other conditions of this Chapter, except as herein stated, shall remain in effect.

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