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17.26.120 Form and Condition of Permit.

The permit issued shall be in a form deemed suitable by the City Engineer. In addition to naming the permittee and other information deemed appropriate by the City Engineer, the permit shall contain the following conditions:

A. Each permit will expire at midnight, December 31st of the year issued;

B. The permit issued shall be personal only and not transferable in any manner;

C. The permit is valid only when used at the permit operating area designated on the permit. The permit operating area may be changed by submitting a new letter of consent accompanied by an additional application fee;

D. The permit is valid for one cart only;

E. The location within the permit operating area may be changed, either temporarily or permanently, by written notice of the City Engineer;

F. The permit is subject to the further restrictions of this Chapter;

G. The permit as it applies to a given permit operating area may be suspended by the Council for a period up to 10 days when an ordinance providing for a "community event" shall so provide.

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