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17.26.090 Design Review.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 176955, 177028 and 182760, effective June 5, 2009.)

A.  The applicant for a sidewalk vendor permit shall submit detailed scale drawings of the cart to be used, material specifications, and an isometric drawing in color of at least two views showing all four sides of the vending cart and any logos, printing or signs which will be incorporated and utilized in the color scheme.  The City Engineer shall submit the isometric drawings of the vending device to the Bureau of Development Services for approval prior to issuing a permit.  Vending carts shall be measured by the City Engineer prior to the issuance of a permit or the renewal of a sidewalk vendor’s permit to ensure compliance with Section 17.26.090 A of this Chapter.

B.  The Bureau of Development Services shall furnish the City Engineer standards required by the Portland Design Commission to be incorporated in the sidewalk vendors application packet.

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