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17.26.070 Location Review.

Upon receipt of an application for a permit the City Engineer shall review the proposed permit operating area to determine if the said area is suitable for sidewalk vending. In making this determination, the City Engineer shall consider the following criteria:

A. The permit operating area must be within a commercial zone.

B. The use of the permit operating area for sidewalk vending must be compatible with the public interest in use of the sidewalk areas as public right-of-way. In making such determination the City Engineer shall consider the width of sidewalk, the proximity and location of existing street furniture, including, but not limited to, signposts, lamp posts, parking meters, bus shelters, benches, phone booths, street trees and newsstands, as well as, the presence of bus stops, truck loading zone, taxi stands or hotel zones to determine whether the proposed use would result in pedestrian or street congestion.

The City Engineer shall inform the applicant whether the proposed permit operating area is suitable or unsuitable. In the event the applicant is dissatisfied with the City Engineer’s decision regarding a certain application, he may appeal the decision to the Commissioner In Charge. The decision of the Commissioner, if adverse to the applicant or any notified party may be appealed to the City Council.

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