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17.26.020 Definitions.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 164492, 177028 and 188556, effective August 16, 2017.)

A.  “Conduct business.”  Conduct business means the act of selling or attempting to sell services, or edible or nonedible items for immediate delivery.

B.  “Sidewalk.”  Sidewalk means that portion of the street between the curb lines or the lateral lines of a roadway and the adjacent property line intended for the use of pedestrians and includes all areas of a pedestrian plaza as defined under Chapter 17.43.

C.  “Commercial zone.”  Commercial zone means abutting property which is zoned C, Commercial, or E, Employment, pursuant to Title 33, Planning and Zoning, of this Code or any other zone which may be created as a successor zone to such existing commercial zones.

D.  “Permit operating area.”  Permit operating area means the sidewalk from the midpoint of one block face to the midpoint of an adjacent block face.

E.  “Special events.”  Special events mean an event specifically approved by an individual ordinance or permit granting use of street and sidewalk areas within a specifically defined area for a period of time not exceeding 10 days to a community based organization.

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