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17.25.020 Definitions.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 177028, 182870, 184957, 188556 and 188850, effective April 6, 2018.)

A.  Operate a Sidewalk Cafe.  Operate a Sidewalk Cafe means serving food or beverage from a cafe or restaurant located in an adjacent building to patrons seated at tables located within the Sidewalk area adjacent to the cafe or restaurant.

B.  Sidewalk.  Sidewalk means that portion of the street between the curb lines or the lateral lines of roadway and the adjacent property lines intended for use by pedestrians and includes all areas of a pedestrian plaza as defined under Chapter 17.43.

C.  Commercial zone.  Commercial zone means abutting property which is zoned C, Commercial, or E, Employment pursuant to Title 33, Planning and Zoning of this Code or any other zone which may be created as a successor zone to such existing commercial zones.

D.  Transit Mall.  As defined in Subsection 17.24.105 A.

E.  Clear Pedestrian Zone.  The Clear Pedestrian Zone is the area reserved for travel.  No café operations are allowed in this area and the area must meet City standards and be free of hazards as described in the Sidewalk Maintenance Program Policy & Operating Guidelines (Portland Policy Document TRN-1.11).

F.  Area of Operation:  Area of Operation means the area of Sidewalk established by the City Engineer and demarcated on the sidewalk according to the specifications of the City Engineer within which the business is allowed to Operate a Sidewalk Café.

G.  Responsible Party:  Responsible Party means an individual who works on-site at the business and is responsible for overseeing the Operation of the Sidewalk Café, such as the restaurant manager or other person with similar responsibility.

H.  Permittee:  Permittee means the individual who applied for the sidewalk café permit and to whom the permit is issued.  The Permittee bears ultimate responsibility for the operation of the Sidewalk Café.

I.  Storage of Materials:  Storage of Materials means any arrangement of furniture and materials that precludes operating a sidewalk café.

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