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17.24.130 Preservation of Cobblestones.

City Code Section

A.  As used in this Section, “permit” means a valid permit issued under Section 17.24.010 and “permittee” means a person to whom a permit is issued, or if no permit is required, the person undertaking the work. 

B.  Cobblestones, also referred to as Belgian building or paving blocks, located in streets of the City are City property and remain City property notwithstanding their excavation by a permittee.

C.  It is the duty of the Bureau of Transportation to make available to the permittee a copy of the regulations authorized by this Section.

D.  A permittee shall preserve for delivery to the City quantities of 150 or more cobblestones displaced by excavations of City streets.  A report of the number and location of the cobblestones shall be sent to the Bureau of Parks, Operations Division, and permittee shall deliver the cobblestones to a site as directed by the Bureau of Parks.  The Commissioner of the Bureau of Parks hereby is delegated authority to issue additional regulations providing for the preservation of cobblestones excavated from City street areas.

E.  At the request of the Portland Historical Landmarks Commission, but not less than once annually, the Bureau of Parks shall advise the Commission of the number of cobblestones then being stored.  The deployment of stored cobblestones shall be determined by the Portland Historical Landmarks Commission (and/or recommended to the City Council).  Criteria for deployment shall be established by the Commission.