Storm damage recovery

17.24.100 Street Pavement Preservation.

City Code Section

After any street has been constructed, reconstructed, or paved by City forces, under City contract, or under permit, the pavement surface shall not thereafter be cut or opened for a period of 5 years. 

The Director of the Bureau of Transportation may grant exemptions to this prohibition in order to facilitate development on adjacent properties, provide for emergency repairs to subsurface facilities, provide for underground service connections to adjacent properties or allow the upgrading of underground utility facilities.  

When granting exceptions to this regulation, the Director of the Bureau of Transportation may impose conditions determined appropriate to insure the rapid and complete restoration of the street and the surface paving.  Repaving may include surface grinding, base and sub-base repairs, or other related work as needed, and may include up to full-width surface paving of the roadway.

In addition to the street opening permit, any person who is required to partially or fully repave a street shall obtain a street improvement permit and be responsible for the full cost of plan review, construction inspection, material testing, bonding, and all other City expenses related to the work.

If the Director of the Bureau of Transportation determines that final repaving of the street is not appropriate at that particular time for reasons relating to weather or other short term problems, the Director of the Bureau of Transportation may grant a delay until proper conditions allow for repaving.