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17.24.030 Application for a Public Improvement Permit to construct a Street or Transportation Facility.

City Code Section

A.  All persons or agencies wishing to construct street or transportation facilities as a public improvement shall make application to the Director of the Bureau of Transportation for a permit.  The application for permit shall contain such information as the Director of the Bureau of Transportation  may designate, and shall specify the nature of the proposed improvement, the name of the street or streets to be improved or in which the improvement is to be located, the location of any off‑street improvements and the completion date therefor.

B.  A public improvement permit for a street or transportation facility within a land division may be issued prior to recording of the final plat only after the following:

1.  the improvement plans have been approved by the City Engineer,

2.  the final plat, is approvable as determined by the Bureau of Development Services,

3.  any necessary site permits have been obtained from the Bureau of Development Services,

4.  any necessary easements outside the land division have been obtained,

5.  the permittee has provided the following:

a.   Acknowledgment that the construction is on private property which is to become easement for public improvements or public right of way and to come under public control upon plat and easement recording with the county.

b.  Authorization for City personnel to enter upon the particular private property for the purpose of testing, inspection and surveying if required, during the course of construction of the public improvements.

c.  Acknowledgment that City inspection personnel may reject or require correction of work not in accordance with the approved plans and standard specifications, which would prevent future acceptance of the improvements.

d.  Acknowledgment that all public utilities to be located in public right of way must be installed prior to final acceptance of the public street improvements, or as directed by the Director of the Bureau of Transportation.

e.  Acknowledgment that the plat and easements must be recorded with the County prior to final acceptance of the public improvements.

f.  Agreement that the permittee will hold the City of Portland harmless against any liability which may occur during construction prior to dedication of the right of way or recording of the easement, and further agreement that the permittee assumes all risk of loss which may arise in the event the City or any other public agency subsequently requires changes in or additions to plans or refuses to approve all or any part of permittee’s improvements.

g.  Agreement that the permittee shall, at the permittee's own expense, maintain the public improvements for a period of 24 months following issuance of a certificate of completion by the City Engineer, as assurance against defective workmanship or materials employed in such improvement.

h.  Acknowledgment that the issuance of this permit in no way waives any requirements by the City or any other public agency which may be associated with the development of the land division.

6.  Any other conditions established by the Director of the Bureau of Transportation and or the City Engineer have been met.