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17.24.026 Fees for Review of Land Use Applications.

City Code Section

The Bureau of Transportation shall establish fees which recover the Bureau of Transportation’s costs of participating in pre-application conferences and reviewing applications for land use approvals which are required by either Title 33 or Title 34 of the Code of the City of Portland.

A.  Policy

1.  Fees are not intended to exceed the Bureau of Transportation’s average cost of processing the type of review requested or average cost of participating in pre-application conferences.

2.  Fees shall include direct costs and overhead charges.

3.  Fee schedules shall be updated annually and made available in the Portland Policy Documents.

B.  Required Fees

1.  Each request for a pre-application conference shall be accompanied by the applicable fee.

2.  All land use review applications requested must be accompanied by the applicable fee.

C.  Concurrent Applications.  When more than one review is requested on the same project, the fee for each review will be charged.

D.  Appeal Fees.  The process and charges for appeals shall be as set forth in Subsection 33.750.030 C. Appeal Fees.

E.  Fee Waivers.  The Bureau of Transportation will waive its pre-application and review fees in those cases where the Planning Director has granted a fee waiver under the provisions of Section 33.750.050.

F.  Refunds.  The Bureau of Transportation will refund fees under the following circumstances:

1.  Unnecessary Fee.  When a fee is accepted by staff for a land use review that is later found to not be required, a full refund will be made.

2.  Errors.  When an error is made in calculating the fee, the overpayment will be refunded.

3.   Full Refunds.

a.  If upon receipt of the application by the Bureau of Transportation, it is evident that no transportation review is required, the Transportation review fee will be refunded.  The determination of whether a Transportation review is required is at the sole discretion of the Director of the Bureau of Transportation.

b.  If the applicant meets the Bureau of Planning’s requirements under Subsection 33.750.060 D. for a 50 percent refund and the Bureau of Transportation has not begun its review, the Transportation review will be refunded.  Determination of whether to grant the refund is at the sole discretion of the Director of the Bureau of Transportation.

4.  No Refunds.

a.  Appeal fees are not refundable except as set forth in Subsections 33.750.050 B. and 33.750.060 C.2.

b.  Pre-application conference fees are non-refundable except as set forth in Subsection F. 1. and 2.

c.  No refunds shall be given once a review has begun.