Storm damage recovery

17.24.016 Permit Revocation.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 188692, effective January 1, 2018.) Permits for structures in City streets, for public improvements, work in, or use of the street area may be revoked by the Director of the Bureau of Transportation at any time and for any reason the Director of the Bureau of Transportation deems to be in the interest of the City, and no grant of any permit, expenditure or money in reliance thereon, or lapse of time shall give the permittee any right to the continued existence of a structure or to any damages or claims against the City arising out of revocation.

Upon revocation the permittee, or any successor permittee, shall at permittee’s own cost remove such structure or equipment associated with work or use of street area within 90 days after written notice to the permittee by the City of such revocation, unless the Director of the Bureau of Transportation specifies a shorter period, and shall return the street area to the condition of the street area immediately surrounding it, to the satisfaction of the Director of the Bureau of Transportation.  If the permittee does not remove the structure or equipment and/or return the street area to a condition satisfactory to the, Director of the Bureau of Transportation, the Director of the Bureau of Transportation may do so, and the permittee shall be personally liable to the City for any and all costs of dismantling the structure or equipment and reconstructing the street area.  The costs of removal and reconstruction shall be assessed to the permittee and/or will become a lien upon the abutting property until paid by the permittee.  The City may sell or otherwise dispose of structures, equipment or parts thereof removed from the public right of way under authority of this Section, and the owner of same shall not be entitled to any compensation for said items from the City.